Vitasnack – Sweetbite snack pepper

De Vitasnack, Sweetbite paprika, is de zoetste snackpaprika uit het assortiment van Eminent Food

® The Vitasnack baby pointed pepper is the sweetest snack pepper in the range. This is why snack pepper is also called the Sweetbite. These peppers are available in the colours red, orange, yellow and green. The Vitasnack contains little seed in relation to the other pepper varieties and is therefore ideal to eat on its own as a snack. The Vitasnack gets it sweet taste partly due to very little seed, the plant therefore takes extra time to ripen. The Vitasnack is easy to stuff with products such as cheese spread or other vegetables and is very popular as a healthy snack!

The fruit length of these sweet tasting pepper is between 5 and 10 cm and it has a diameter of 2 to 5 cm. The weight is on average 15 to 50 grams.


Land Jan Feb Mrt Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dec
Beschikbaarheid Tomberry tomaten met land van herkomst Nederland No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Beschikbaarheid Tomberry tomaten met land van herkomst Spanje yes yes yes Yes

Yes Yes
Beschikbaarheid Tomberry tomaten met land van herkomst Spanje yes yes yes Yes

yes yes

The availability of the Vitasnack from Eminent depends on the country of origin of the peppers. The sweetbite peppers grown in the Netherlands are available in week 16 to 48, which means from April until the beginning of December. Peppers grown in Spain and Israel are available in week 48 up to and including week 16, this means from about November to April.

Storage Advice

The Vitasnack baby peppers last longer if you store them the right way. What is our storage advice? It is best to keep the ripe peppers in the refrigerator's vegetable drawer at a temperature between 10°C and 12°C.

Nutritional Value

Per 100g
 Energy (kcal)
28 kcal
4,7 g
0,3 g
0,8 g
1,7 g
 Vitamin C
133 mg

Where can I buy Vitasnack peppers?

The Vitasnack peppers from Eminent are available in the Eminent Food webshop. This webshop has been specially developed for all vegetable exporters, wholesalers and vegetable specialty stores in the Netherlands.


This tasty sweet snack pepper is available in different packages: 1 kg boxes, 5 kg boxes, 6 x 150 grams packaging. The peppers are packaged per colour or mixed.

Serving Suggestions

De zoete snack paprika's zijn populair voor in salades     Snacken     Vullen

The sweet baby pointed pepper is best known for its sweet taste. Cut the peppers lengthwise and easily remove the seeds. These sweet peppers are popular for salads and for stuffing with a spreadable cheese or vegetable spread. This makes it quick and easy to create a healthy snack.