Cherry tomatoes

Eminent Cherry Rond

Cherry tomatoes are small tomatoes and are the size of a cherry, which is why they bear the name cherry tomato. These cherry tomatoes are available in many different colours: yellow, orange, brown, lemon, pink, ivory, tigerbrown, red, purple and green. They are fresh and sweet, have a firm skin, contain a lot of juice and give a true taste explosion when eaten. Combined, these small tomatoes are great for an easy colourful salad. The cherry tomatoes are also ideal as a garnish, on an hors d'oeuvre, or with a bit of cheese on a stick as a tasty snack.

Our range of cherry tomatoes is also available in Carnival mix, the tomato party. This is a cherry tomato mix of all types and colours. Put a feast on the table!

De cherrytomaat is met een doorsnee van 2 tot 3,5 cm kleiner dan een gewone tomaat.


Land Jan Feb Mrt Apr Mei Jun Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dec
Cherrytomaten met het land van herkomst Nederland zijn beschikbaar in week 14 t/m 48 No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Cherrytomaten met het land van herkomst Spanje zijn beschikbaar in week 45 t/m 18 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes

The availability of the Eminent cherry tomatoes depends on the country of origin. Snack tomatoes grown in the Netherlands are available in weeks 14 to 48, which means from April until the beginning of December. Tomatoes grown in Spain are available in week 45 to 18, this means from November to April. Other countries of origin are Belgium in the summer and in the winter also Morocco and Tunisia.

Storage Advice

The small tomatoes will last longer if you store them the right way. What is our storage advice? It is best to store at room temperature, outside the refrigerator at a temperature between 15°C and 18°C. When you put the tomato in the fridge, you disrupt the ripening process and reduce the taste.

Nutritional Value

Per 100g
 Energy (kcal)
31 kcal
 Energy (kJ)
130 kJ
3,5 g
0,85 g
1,4 g
0,01 g
2,0 g

Where can I buy Eminent Cherry tomatoes?

The cherry tomatoes are available in the Eminent Food webshop. This webshop has been specially developed for all vegetable exporters, wholesalers and vegetable specialty stores in the Netherlands.


Our colourful small tomatoes are available in various packaging, individually in 1.5 kg, 3 kg or 4 kg box or packed in 8 x 250 or 9 x 250 grams packaging, 5 x 450 grams packaging. Cherry triomix packed in 10 x 300 grams packaging. All cherry tomatoes can be packed per colour or mixed. Or in Carnival mix, a combination of the different colours and varieties that are available at that moment.

Serving suggestions

In de salade        

The cherry tomato comes in many different types and varieties. These colourful cherry tomatoes from Eminent Food are perfect for many dishes. They are a good addition to a simple salad and immediately add some colour. The cherry tomatoes are great as a garnish, an hors d'oeuvre or a healthy snack and are perfect for garnishing a wrap, pizza or pasta.

There are numerous dishes with tomato. In addition to salads, the tomatoes are also delicious for dinner cooked in the oven. The beautiful colours give a special twist to each dish.